In order to have a safe, fair, and fun triathlon competition!

  • This competition follows the Japan Triathlon Union competition rules (JTU rules) and the Hiwasa local rules. The JTU rules are from the Japan Triathlon Union. Please check the competition overview bellow for the Hiwasa local rules.
  • Please wear your helmet and respect the traffic laws at all times, even when not competing.
  • Keep the front zipper of your race wear zipped.
    If you are considering to purchase a new race wear, we recommend that you choose one without any zipper.
  • To reduce the preparation time before the race, competitors may write their own body numbers. We recommend you to bring a thick maker.
  • For the swimming competition, we recommend you to wear a wet suit.
  • Road racer bicycles and helmets that follow the JTU standards are to be used.
  • The cycling course is fully regulated. However, always being cautious in front and keeping ride on the left side of the road.
  • The running course is not fully regulated.
    Follow the instructions from the staff members and the traffic laws.
  • If you have any trash during the competition, throw out it into one of the aid trash cans nearby you or hand it to one of the staff members.
  • The following may occur in case of bad weather or at any condition that the organizers believe it will be difficult to ensure everyone’s safety.
    1. The competition venue may be changed
    2. The distance may be shortened
    3. The competition may be cancelled
    Competition fees will not be reimbursed under these conditions.
  • Competitors will join the following insurances. Compensation for death: In the case of a death caused by an accident, the competitor will receive a compensation of 15 million yen. Competitor will receive a compensation of 5 million yen for deaths caused by heat stroke and/or any related conditions, Competitors permanently disabled from a competition related accident will receive from 420 thousand yen to 20 million yen. If caused by a heat stroke and/or other related conditions, the competitor will receive from 200 thousand yen to 5 million yen. In the case of hospitalization, the competitor will receive 5,000 yen per day. In the case where the competitor has to continuously revisit the hospital, the competitor will receive 2,500 yen per day. Those who are concerned can apply to other insurances as well.