Schedule competition

7/14 (Sat) Day before competition
13:00〜17:00 Reception Minamicho Town Hall Front Enterance Please show your acceptance notice.
13:30〜16:30 Sunline Pre-visit bus Minamicho Town Hall It takes approximately 1 hour. Round trip only and will take National Route 55 on the way back.
15:00〜 Competition Briefing (1) Community Hall It is necessary for beginners and first time participants to attend this briefing.
17:00〜 Opening Ceremony / Competition Briefing (2) Community Hall It is necessary for ALL participants to attend the briefing and opening ceremony.

※Competition Briefing (1) and (2) are the same contents.

7/15 (Sun) Day of Competition
7:00〜8:00 Registration Hachiman Shrine Tent
8:00〜8:15 Competition Briefing Hachiman Shrine Tent
8:15〜8:45 Swimming warm up Kohama
8:40〜8:50 In water check Oohama Swim Gate Shita
8:45〜 AWA Dance Gymnastics Oohama Coast
8:50〜8:55 Start Ceremony Near Oohama Swim Gate
9:00 Swim Start Oohama Coast
10:10 Bike Start Time Limit Bike Start Timing(Measuring) Point
11:20 Bike Midway Time Limit Sunline Return Point
12:30 Run Start Time Limit Run Start Timing(Measuring) Point
13:00 Run Midway Time Limit Run Return Point
〜13:36 All Competitions End All Competition Finish Point
13:40〜 Award Ceremony/Lottery Hachiman Shrine Compound

※We are accepting registrations until the morning of the competition.
If you are coming early morning by car, it will take approximately 2 and a half hours from Hiwasa Akashikaikyou Oohashi to Hiwasa. If you are participating on the day of, please be cautious of your health condition and health management.
※Please Review the Final Information

If you did not make the time limit, unfortunately you may not continue in the competition. Please take off your race number and follow the instructions from the staff members.